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Hi, my name's Dan and I'm a podcaster, musician and audio engineer from Liverpool in the UK. I host a show called FLOSS Weekly on the TWIT Network, a music show called Rathole Radio and I used to one of the Linux Outlaws.

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Why Hello There

Welcome to the brand new Radio Makefest website. As you can probably tell it’s a bit basic at the moment. We’re still getting things set up, unpacking boxes and maybe spending too long playing the bubble wrap, I can neither confirm nor deny that.

This site is intended to be used for podcasting workshops I will run during Liverpool Makefest on June 27th 2015 at the Central Library in Liverpool, UK.

During the day I’ll be helping people learn how to record good quality audio, edit and produce their own podcasts. Right down to publishing with WordPress and setting up your feeds. Exciting huh? Check back soon and we should have more to see!

Ciao for now,

Dan Lynch