Meet The Makers – Hex Ceramic

The stamp used to make our official makefest badges, shown on a red background
Badge stamp
It’s season 2 episode 5 of Radio MakeFest and this time I talked with Darren AKA Hex Ceramic about his work laser etching fabric at DOES Liverpool among the many other cool things he makes.

Darren is making the official badges for Liverpool MakeFest this year, not to mention the banners and some other goodies. I’m not at liberty to reveal the full design of the badges for this year I’m afraid but I have been authorised to share this image (to the right) of the stamp used to make them with you.

We discussed laser etching of fabric and all the possibilities this opens us for artists and makers. Darren does this a lot and made us a special cushion for the Tales Of The Unattested podcast. We were very chuffed obviously!

A laser etched cushion made by Hex

Check out the Hex Ceramic Instagram account.

You can also follow him on Twitter.

Darren is a member of the Secret Society Of Super Villain Artists, check out their website.

Come along to Liverpool MakeFest on June 29th 2019!! You can see Darren’s awesome work on the DOES Liverpool stand and maybe even meet the man yourself, who knows. Get your tickets now. Tune in next time where I’ll be chatting to another amazing Maker, you can subscribe and get the shows delivered using the widget in the sidebar or the button below!


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