Meet The Makers – Lorraine Underwood

Lorraine UnderwoodWe’re back with another great interview. That’s right it’s season 2 episode 4 of Radio MakeFest and this time I talked with Lorraine Underwood about the many great projects she’s built and how she originally got into making.
For Liverpool MakeFest this year Lorraine will be bringing Cubert, a 1 metre LED cube she built which can not only be used as a display, but also play games such as Snake and Pac-Man thanks to it’s Micro:Bit controller. I can’t wait to give that a go.
Cubert a 1 metre cube of light up LED ping pong balls
Meet Cubert

Not to be confused with 80s arcade game character Q*Bert, who was something quite different.

During the interview we also discussed one of Lorraine’s latest projects which are these fantastic light up wings for an angel costume. Check out the video below.
To keep up with the many awesome things Lorraine is doing (including writing a book due out next year) you should follow her blog at –

She’s also very active on Twitter via – @LMcUnderwood

Most of all though you should come along to Liverpool MakeFest of course on June 29th 2019!! You can see Cubert for yourself, chat to Lorraine and of course enjoy all the other great stuff going on during this free day of fun for all the family! Get your tickets now.

Tune in next time where I’ll be chatting to another amazing Maker, you can subscribe and get the shows delivered using the widget in the sidebar or the button below!


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