Meet The Makers – Neston High School Makerspace

Welcome to the 3rd episode of Radio MakeFest season 2, the companion podcast to Liverpool MakeFest on June 29th 2019. This time I drove up to Neston on the Wirral to meet up with Pat Link who runs their school makerspace.

A wide photo of the room, with workbenches and tools
Neston High School Makerspace
Pat has been involved in Maker groups and events around Liverpool for years and it’s great to see him passing on his enthusiasm (and skills of course) to new generations. We talked about how this fits in with the learning structure, what the kids get from it and how supportive the staff and parents have been.
UPDATE: The crowdfunder campaign Pat talks about is now like, go support them!!
Pat Link standing beside a stack of 3D printed rocket pieces
A deservedly proud looking Pat with the 3D printed rocked sections.
Neston High School Makerspace are doing a great job of contributing towards the world record 3D print attempt we’re going for this year. Just look how many pieces they’ve already done (see pic to right)! Amazing work everyone, we’re on course to smash that record we hope… oh that’s a pun for the old school hi-fi geeks like myself 😀
On the big day Pat and some of the students will be bringing all kinds of wonderful things they’ve made along to Liverpool MakeFest and displaying them at their stand. Not least a MASSIVE plastic shredder they’re making as part of the Precious Plastic recycling initiative. Expertly welded by Colin in the workshop.
You can see photos of the shredder and many other things on their excellent Instagram account at –

You can also find them on Twitter via – @NestonHighMaker

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