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Project Linus logoIt’s the final week before Liverpool MakeFest but if you think I can’t squeeze in more podcasts you’re very much mistaken. I have 2 more episodes to share with you and here’s the first of them. Season 2 episode 7 and this time our guest is Caroline Fogell who organises the Liverpool chapter of Project Linus.

Project Linus is an international organisation of volunteers who make patchwork quilts and blankets to be given to children free of charge. Children in hospitals and care homes, the homeless and anyone else who could benefit. The blankets offer comfort and let them know someone cares.

An example blanket
One of the blankets Project Linus has produced.

Caroline tells us about the movement and how she became involved. Also how she got into crafting, what they’ll be doing at MakeFest and much more.

…and yes, you guessed right. It is named after the character from the Peanuts cartoons, famous for always having his comfort blanket.

Check out the Project Linus UK website to find out more. Along with the Facebook page.

There’s also the international organisation if you live further afield.

Come along to Liverpool MakeFest on June 29th 2019!! Get your tickets now. Tune in next time where I’ll be chatting to another amazing Maker, you can subscribe and get the shows delivered using the widget in the sidebar or the button below!


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